The Foodmaker


At Pauzo, we want to offer our clients a varied menu. Besides the warm dishes, it is The Foodmaker that will provide you with a great choise of sandwiches, wraps, baguettes, salads, soups, desserts, hot and cold drinks and juices. It will be hard to make a choice, because it’s all so delicious!

Why The Foodmaker? Easy question, because we totally agree with their vision, that is all about sustainability, green and diversity.

Fair food!

After enjoying The Foodmakers self roasted coffee with Rainforest Alliance-label, a cup of organic fairtrade-thea or a baguette with sustainably caught salmon, the packaging and cups are a hundred percent compostable. So it’s not only good for you!

The people behind The Foodmaker have set their goal to keeping their ecological footprint as small as possible. Using ecological cleaning products and avoiding superfluous CO2 emission are a part of this intention to take care of the environment. Only one truck is used for transport from a central warehouse to many different Pauzo and The Foodmaker restaurants, to decrease pollution.

On top of that, The Foodmaker employs all different kinds of people, thus you get served by a beautiful and kind cross-section of society! Also, left-overs never end in the bin. The Foodmaker serves it to the homeless people and many food banks. Making the planet a better place, step by step, day by day.